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     Florida Towers  
       Offering Tower Painting, Maintenance Service, and Inspections

         Our mission at Florida Towers is to become an industry leader in communications tower erections and maintenance services by surpassing customer expectations in all aspects of our business. Since our founding in 2001, we at Florida Towers have been working toward our goal by expanding our services and increasing our expertise. By offering a wide variety of specialized services. We would like to thank our customers who are helping us to reach our goal.
         We realize the most important thing we can do for you, is keep your towers on the air. Knowing that uptime translates to success for our customers, we strive to maintain a highly skilled and trained staff of communications and construction professionals. Whether it's an initial site development or an existing operation, we do what is required to accomplish your goals. Therefore our goal is to assist you in meeting your goals.
        We have strong safety program. We work in a dangerous industry; any mistake could cause injury to employees and others with possible damage to property. Therefore we enforce our safety program. We provide First Aid and CPR training to all our employees. Weekly safety meeting are provided to all our staff. When climbers are on a tower, there is always at least one ground person present. To date we have never had a serous accident. We intend to keep it that way with the use of our safety program.
        We can help you with all phases of communications construction -- from change-outs, general maintenance, azimuth adjustments, painting, and any other modifications that may be necessary to provide continuous uptime.
        We perform all types of tower maintenance, including setting tower plumb, replacing damaged hangers, repainting, and re-lamping. We can do maintenance on a one-time, periodic or long-term scheduled basis. We can place bids on jobs whose duration and expense we can accurately predict, and for troubleshooting or other indefinite work we charge by the hour.
        At this time we carry a base liability insurance policy of six million dollars, with additional insurance provided as needed.
Please note:
        1. Florida Towers is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. To this end, Florida Towers maintains affirmative action plans for minorities and women, individuals with disabilities, veterans of the Vietnam era, and special disabled veterans.
        2. All Florida Towers employees have entered into a non-discloser agreement to protect Florida Towers and all clients of Florida Towers. This agreement has been put in place to prevent the discloser of customer lists, trade secrets, or other confidential material.

  Antenna/azimuth adjustments, and other Modifications, Tower painting.    

     Guy wire repair and replacement, tension checks, and relighting.  

        Fence/gate repairs, Troubleshooting of any problem.  

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Re-lamping a 600' near Tampa Fl.

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