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Florida Towers

    We have found that using the proper tools not
only saves time but gives us a higher quality of
completed work.
    By using the proper tools our staff can complete
most tasks with less effort. Because of this, the job
sites are much safer. As always, safety is our first
    The pictures on this page are what is normally
carried to each job site by our full crew. A full crew
  is four to five men. the two man teams use much the
same tools but carry a much small assortment.


  Antenna/azimuth adjustments, and other Modifications, Tower painting.    

     Guy wire repair and replacement, tension checks, and relighting.  

        Fence/gate repairs, Troubleshooting of any problem.  

clanton3.jpeg (378408 bytes)
Painting a 500' tower near Selma, Al.

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