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Florida Towers 
       Offering Tower Painting, Maintenance Service, and Inspections

wmnfsmalltower.JPG (164440 bytes)
Small tower at WMNF
wmnf88.JPG (340298 bytes)
WMNF main office
Fd820016.jpg (136590 bytes)
South Gandy tower 
near St Pete looking 
Dsc00027.jpg (226099 bytes)    
Wilson from Clear Channel, 
Tampa, Fl.
DSC00044.JPG (361332 bytes)
Tom from Clear Channel, Tampa, Fl.
DSC00042.JPG (535649 bytes)
Control Bld. at Oldsmar, Fl.
DSC00040.JPG (154426 bytes)
re-lamped a 260' and a 460' for Clear Channel at Oldsmar, Fl.
DSC00033.JPG (491086 bytes)
South Gandy tower 
480' Clear Channel
FD820014.JPG (72090 bytes)
North Gandy tower 503'
Clear Channel
Taken from the south tower
(replaced center beacon)
chipley.jpeg (201122 bytes)
City of Chipley, Fl. main tower 240'  Had to remove unused hardware from tower and aim a few grids.

Perich Eye Center Tower
New Port Richey, Fl.
Free standing 120'
DSC00049.JPG (520213 bytes)
Triple Crown Commutations
 180' We hare installed
 everything here. This
 tower is rohn 55.
DSC00051.JPG (553707 bytes)
Moon Lake Tower 400'
DSC00052.JPG (499304 bytes)
Moon Lake Tower, repairing a beacon for Russell from Signal Tower Management Service
FD820030.JPG (106387 bytes)
Harold taking a brake at moon lake
FD820022.JPG (91131 bytes)
this is the view from Clear 
Channels  #4 tower located
in Oldsmar, Fl.

mike.JPG (157022 bytes)
Mike working on a grid dish at Chipley City Tower

cwt1.JPG (199086 bytes)
Mike and Harold working on the old Chipley Water Tower

cwt2.JPG (168634 bytes)
DSC00003.JPG (544303 bytes)

DSC00006.JPG (549922 bytes)
Repaired building maker lights on the top of the Central Building down town St Pete.

clantontrain.JPG (605123 bytes)
This Little train runs around the Clanton tower
Dsc00001.jpg (169521 bytes)

Cox Radio Inc. Re-painted 
and re-light this tower on
top of the Central Building 
down town St Pete.
Florida Towers building a 250 foot free stander at Ebro, Fl.  pan1.jpg (566766 bytes) pan2.jpg (559472 bytes) pan3.jpg (552542 bytes)
ebro5.JPG (52954 bytes) ebro1.JPG (56733 bytes) ebro3.JPG (40088 bytes)
Paint job done by Florida Towers at Clanton, Al. This one stands 480 feet. clanton.jpg (461322 bytes) clanton1.jpg (553440 bytes) clanton2.jpg (429437 bytes)
mvc-001f.jpg (208377 bytes) mvc-002f.jpg (211600 bytes) mvc-013f.jpg (214382 bytes)
mvc-008f.jpg (131311 bytes) mvc-007f.jpg (212552 bytes) mvc-006f.jpg (213121 bytes) DSC00035.JPG (495012 bytes)
South Gandy tower 480'
Clear Channel
DSC00005.JPG (536289 bytes) DSC00010.JPG (564881 bytes) DSC00012.JPG (588175 bytes) DSC00045.JPG (257650 bytes)
Roy from Clear Channel,
  Tampa, Fl.
ebro4.JPG (48113 bytes) 4002.jpg (221619 bytes)
Main office of Clear 
Channel of Tampa 
and the tower located 
DSC00050.JPG (515598 bytes) mvc-015f.jpg (161614 bytes) clanton3.jpg (378408 bytes)  
DSC00057.JPG (157243 bytes)
This is the Blue Ridge Paper Co. 100 meter tower being painted
DSC00032.JPG (208729 bytes)
same tower 

setting up a new tower inside Disney World.

working on a new rad center

Brin running new "1 5/8 cable under the cat walk.
More From Disney Kingsley Lake  0117002    

  Antenna/azimuth adjustments, and other Modifications, Tower painting.    

     Guy wire repair and replacement, tension checks, and relighting.  

        Fence/gate repairs, Troubleshooting of any problem.  

ebro5.jpeg (52954 bytes)
Setting up a 250 foot free 
stander in Ebro Fl.

Copyright  2001 Florida Towers
Voice  (813) 433-7875 Fax (813) 996-7424

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