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Florida Towers
       Offering Tower Painting, Maintenance Service, and Inspections


DSC00047.JPG (186287 bytes)
Harold getting up there on a Rohn 25 guyed tower

DSC00053.JPG (557450 bytes)
Harold and BJ at Moon Lake tower
DSC00054.JPG (588895 bytes)
Joe and Ervin getting ready for Triple Crown's
secondary tower

sidonabike.JPG (54143 bytes)
Sid working out a few tower problems. 

officeviatta.jpg (81272 bytes)
 Viatta, "Can I help you?"

dsc00002.jpg (552275 bytes)
Eric, sending up more bolts and snapins

joe.JPG (551485 bytes)
Joe setting up software

Brin and Rodney setting T-Moble antennas

Dave and Rodney getting everything ready to go.

Rodney working on the ground.

Ervin sending up steel for a new rad center.

Brin running new "1 5/8 cable under the cat walk. Dave is helping on the left side.
Billy going to check things out

  Antenna/azimuth adjustments, and other Modifications, Tower painting.    

     Guy wire repair and replacement, tension checks, and relighting.  

        Fence/gate repairs, Troubleshooting of any problem.  

firetower.jpeg (564881 bytes)
Taking down a fire tower and setting it up in a new location

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